10 Reasons Why Obama is Hitler


by our Obama correspondent Hugh Janus


Many Americans are coming to terms with the unnerving sensation that their current elected president, Barack Obama is exactly the same as unelected German chancellor Adolf Hitler. One concerned person, a Nell Prober, emailed me the above picture as evidence saying “apart from the colour of the skin, the clothes, different facial hair, completely different policies and cultures these two men are almost identical”. I have taken the time to correspond with several Americans over the new head of the Reichstag in Washington. Many, well ten, well those who can read and type, have taken the time to explain why black American Obama is the head of the NSDAP.

1) “If you take some letters from his name, add some random others and mix them around it spells Adolf Hitler” said Tess Tickles

2) ” By being one of the few senators against the Iraq war he showed what a war mongering, red coat wearing, grey wig donning, imperialist he is, just like A-dolf” said Wilma Fingerdo

3) “By failing to take our guns away after Sandy Hook he copied AH who took all guns off the Jews, Poles, Czechs, Austrians and the Togolese” claimed Stacy Rect

4) “He lives in a country where abortion is legal, Hitler had the gas camps, it’s the same thing duh!” Seymour Crack informed me.

5) “Hitler was Austrian and ran Germany, Obama is from Hawaii and runs America” said Sarah Tonin

6) “Hitler let Van Der Lubbe burn down the Reichstag, Obama is going to do the same to Congress according to Alec A Woody on Info-Whores” said Woody fan Rhoda Duck

7) “Obama is in the Democratic Party, Hitler the DAP, the letters are literally virtually the same” said Phil MaCavity


8) “Hitler banned the Unions, Obama is doing the same by legalising gay marriage just like Hitler did, probably” claimed Pat Hiscock

9) “Hitler authorised the T4 euthanasia programme to eradicate the undesirable from the gene pool, Obama has introduced health welfare for the poor, which is exactly the same principle” said Ophelia Cox

10) “Obama shaves off his moustache to hide the disguise, Hitler kept his on” said Neil Anblowme


With such a compelling lack of evidence for the comparison it is easy to understand how a cross section of the dangerously illiterate can see the similarities between the two. It must be frightening for those people knowing that at almost any day their country wont be turned into a new Reich and it is easy for the sane to mock them.

Alec A Woody has already claimed the comparison to be a false flag operation and was available for comment, unsurprisingly, but we decided against asking him owing to print deadlines.



    1. I know, I wrote it specifically for those idiots that turn up in arguments saying that the USA has become like nazi Germany yet fail to understand that if it was they wouldn’t be around long enough to say so 😀

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