The Fear of Phobia


The true meaning of fear and terror comes in many forms and today i tweaked the nose of terror. Before we go any further that’s tweaked not twerked, i have no desire to leave anyone traumatized at the thought of me twerking. The fear factor can be felt in almost any situation or context. For some its spiders, for many parents its that moment when the kids ask you where babies come from and you realise there is no other adult in the house you can palm that question off to whilst others may be afraid of roller-coasters. For me personally its death, i have little desire to meet the doc of shock, the duke of spook, the man with no tan. Yesterday i nearly did dance with the reaper driving a new car home along the motorway. But all this pales into insignificance when compared with the horrors of today, i was a passenger as my partner parked the new car having driven 10 miles to get to that point. Duh Duh Duhhhhh! (cue lightning etc)


What is the nature of fear and in particular phobias? Are they social constructs? Can anyone be born afraid of seemingly irrational things or are we conditioned towards it by the reactions of our parents or guardians? Rationally speaking i shouldn’t fear death as there is nothing i can do about it and my survival instinct would dictate such a phobia.  Are people afraid of flying or afraid of death and that fear creates the fear of flying? i`m afraid of the latter but not the former. If other fears such as those of spiders are influenced by others do we tend to rationalise them as irrational in an attempt to justify not facing up to them? There seems no reason to fear something that can`t harm you so i cant imagine there’s an inherent fear with no natural predator (unless you live in Australia where 99% of the wildlife is designed to floor mammoths) making the fear irrational. But if that fear is then created (or contributed to) by the actions of protective parents does that give it a rationale? Is that desire to protect misguided at times given the potential for a life long phobia to develop? Whatever the answers to the myriad of questions may be, fear and phobias are a mass of contradictions and seemingly irrational rationality or vice versa. Still as many of us suffer from phobias whether instinctive or artificial we all have our support network of friends to call upon in times of duress, or so we think.

With thanks to Blackadder and Bill and Ted!


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