UKIP- From One Trick Pony to Political Adolescent?


What has Europe ever done for us? Bugger all, apart from cheap foreign holidays, employer accountability, improved health and safety, films and books, equal opportunities, lager, German cars, Channel Tunnel, more consumer protection, the Champions League, improved standard of living, student exchange, freedom of movement for workers helping to bring in the best footballers the continent has to offer, IKEA, Aldi, wine, new culinary delights, architecture both ancient and modern,  oh and er Nigel Farage and UKIP and the promotion of the British ideal, the little Englander in his castle!

You know the types i mean with their muslamic (sic) ray guns, xenophobia and all things British are best outlooks. All sat in an Irish themed pub, wearing clothes made in India, with their great British pint (ie German beer in a Chinese glass) or their Russian vodka, whilst sat on Swedish flat pack furniture before going for a curry in a German manufactured taxi they’ve ordered via their Korean made phones. These people are the first to decry Johnny Foreigner but the first to enjoy the trappings of foreign products. They also have no sense of irony jumping on the first easy political rant that comes their way. For example earlier this year the EDL (English Defence League) were marching through Cardiff chanting for foreigners to go home!!!! No doubt its what many taffs thought of the EDL.


More often than not they really do not grasp or understand the nature of UKIP policy or how they would transform this country. In my opinion we would be financially and culturally poorer for being out of Europe, give me Real Madrid over Rochdale or Bologna over Bognor any day of the week. For arguments sake if Scotland were to vote for independence how would this go down with Nige and chums? would they try to reverse the policy or simply change their name to the UKish party? Surely Scotland has as much right to claim governance free of external influence as they claim the UK does. Here is a cross section of their policies:-

  • Referendum on the right to self governance:- one presumes then he supports the Scottish one?
  • A local sales tax to support Local Government finance and to make it accountable at the ballot box:- thought independence would cost us less?
  • Give the public power to require binding local and national referenda on major issues:- How much would it cost the country to organize these and who decides which issues go to the country?
  • Take 4.5 million of low incomes out of tax altogether with a simple, flat rate income tax. With a threshold set at minimum wage.:- most people are paid slightly above minimum wage, this is a meaningless policy, everyone will pay tax
  • UK national debt will exceed £1.4 trillion by the end of this Parliament by which time Osborne’s cuts will not even equal our EU contributions.  Public spending is increasing and the Coalition’s cuts do not scratch the surface of Labour’s deficit. We must cut down Government if we are to return to a sound economy:- How are you going to slim down government if you get rid of Europe? Who will pick up the bureaucratic bill from the restructuring of our industries and services at government level?
  • EU ‘renewable’ energy rules will double electricity bills by 2020. Global warming is not proven – wind power is futile. Scrap all green taxes, wind turbine subsidies and adopt nuclear power to free us from dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil and gas. :- Maybe global warming hasn’t been proved but then tobacco companies used to claim there was no proven link between cigarettes and cancer, surely its better to consider environmental issues rather than discard them.
  • Quangos cost us £60bn each year – at least half the cost of the NHS.  Bring them under Parliament’s control and cut the cost substantially. :- So they will still cost then? Also who sits on the Quangos? MP`s i assume, more money down the pan!
  • Cut taxes on small businesses and abolish the tax on work – Employers’ National Insurance. :- Where will the income shortfall come from?
  • Make real and rigorous cuts in foreign aid and replace with free trade.:- With whom exactly? Isn’t free trade with Europe essentially what we have now?
  • The tide of mass EU immigration has pushed down wages and restricted job opportunities.  Only by leaving the EU can we regain control of our borders:- How did these jobs become available in the first place? How come the Great British workforce haven’t already taken them? Who will afford the new price for food products when the prices go up owing to the higher wage bill at the production end? Presumably we will import more.
  • The State must defend its peoples. Keep our nuclear deterrent and make increased defence spending a clear priority, even in these difficult times, to underpin Britain’s global role :- How do you propose to have a global role if we have reduced foreign intervention as in one of your earlier points? What deterrent if Scotland gets trident?
  • Establish locally elected County Police Boards to set policing aims approved by voters.:- nobody wanted the PCC`s who would want this?
  • Scrap the European Arrest Warrant.:- wouldnt this create safe havens for criminals?
  • Repeal the Human Rights Act to end abuses by convicted criminals and illegal immigrants.:- The human rights act protects all not just those you label
  • Radically simplify NHS management and set up locally elected County Health Boards.:- Money spent on NHS management will be spent on this and i bet will cost more in the long run
  • Support grammar schools and vocational education. :- surely we should be supporting education for all
  • Multiculturalism has split our society. :- NO, it has enhanced our society and expanded our horizons giving us a better understanding of the world and societies around us, ignorance of such things is splitting our society                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                UKIP policies will destroy what is left of Britain, like it or not we need Europe and at the moment we have a pretty good balance. We get far more out than we put in financially and i for one do not want to see this put at risk for the sake of an ignorant populist exploiting the narrow minded moronity of the few. UKIP isn’t so much the party that has grown from a one policy party to a teenage adolescent, it is the party of cynically motivated xenophobic immaturity. It is the spoilt brat at the back that people ignore and that is where it should stay.                                                                                                                                 uk-eu

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