Y Ddraig Redux


by our Cymru correspondent Hugh Janus

I have recently come into possession of documents that fail to prove beyond all shadow of a doubt that the control centre slaves for the Illuminati and their N.W.O. (New Welsh Order) may or may not be centred in Wales (thats Wales in England for my American audience). It is currently being run by two very shadowy figures of whom no picture is known to exist. These men, Dai Twp and Glenn Dour (the latter is believed to be the Welsh 007 best known as s4c), have managed to hide all traces of their existence but thanks to information gathered from the conspiracy community i have managed to uncover some unverified facts about my opinions.


It is a well known secret that the Welsh have secretly controlled the world via their W.A.S.P. (Welsh Anglo Saxon protestant) network across the Atlantic. Many US presidents such as Woodrow Williams, Lyndon B Jones to Barack Ap Ama (born in Cenarth) have been Welsh puppets and had their names changed, why do you think Obama wont front up with his Birth Certificate. The clues are there, the constitution was written on sheepskin, the representative from New York that signed the Declaration of Independence was from Llandaff and the date 1776 apart from the first 4 numbers is identical to the date that Wales was set up. Just look at the name America, if u take some of the letters away, add some other letters and then mix them up it spells Wales. How much more evidence do you want?


They even have specialist training grounds for their disciples and future world leaders. Take a look at the Herrenvolk Academy, or Whitchurch High School as its known by its false flag name, in Cardiff. How can it be coincidence, teacher training or individual commitment and brilliance that in recent years the Herrenvolk Academy has produced a gold medal Olympian cyclist, the winning captain of the British and Irish Lions and now the worlds most expensive footballer! The “school” is clearly feeding pupils GM crops with growth hormone super serums purchased from Monsanto via freemasons.

Despite this the N.W.O. have tried to maintain a low profile across the globe, though they do have the odd slip. After attempting an experiment to study how a potential assimilation of their lizard form into society would be received, through the commissioning of the TV mini series V,  David Icke got hold of the idea that Lizards run the world. A coincidence too far methinks. Is it further coincidence that the term of abuse for blind followers of information with little or no attempt to study the whole story are known as Sheeple? come on people wake up, the truth will set you free!


It’s all there in welsh history staring you in the face. The Elders of Llangollen continually use the National Eisteddfod to pedal their mantra from their holy text The Protocols of the Elders of Siona in a language unbeknown to the rest of the world. How very convenient to have their own language that nobody else speaks. They also use this “language” to spread their message to make it as all pervading as possible through the use of mind rays via their OWN tv channel, Es Pedwar Ek.


They are also believed to be planning a terrorist atrocity to destabilize the “free” Welsh Assembly by creating their own Welsh 9/11. My sources (who i cannot name or show their proof) claim to know that they believe their could potentially be a possible attack if conditions are propitious upon The Tower at Swansea. They intend to bring it down with carefully placed Fun Snaps then amongst the ensuing chaos remove the evidence of the attacks that they placed inside the target then kill all known witnesses with the use of Cawl-Aid based chemtrail poisons spread with cleverly placed fans. Success will only come if they win the war for your minds.


i`ve probably got too much light on me and have previoulsy been threatened  a Mari llwyd placed at the end of my bed and government agents have threatened that i will end up imprisoned at Cardigan Bay Detention Centre dressed in an England Rugby top.






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