9/11: The Conspiracy of Conspiracies

“Everyone loves a conspiracy.” ― Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code

I think Julius Caesar may beg to differ Dan! I would count myself amongst such exalted company as JC, i hate conspiracies, more specifically i hate the retards that pedal the unverified bullshit that they contain. The mother of all conspiracies used to be the JFK assassination which, thanks to Oliver Stones work of FICTION based upon a DISCREDITED court case, most Americans now believe there was one. the power of the media truly laid bare, cue new world order conspiracies! The mantle of top conspiracy theory is of course property of the 9/11 conspiracy, a conspiracy that takes idiocy to an all new level, to a place where intelligence isn’t just ignored and unused, it is divorced from its owner, sent off to a new house and left on non speaking terms. It is a conspiracy full of baseless claims and potentially slanderous statements about individuals with a wanton disregard for their feelings spread by people who know little or next to nothing about the behind the scenes activities of those momentous days but choose to fill in the blanks with whatever fairy story best suits their thoughts on the subject. I appreciate that most people who believe this sort of dross are usually the sort of people who`s lives are so ordinary that they want to believe in the presence of malevolent government agencies so their life can be like the movies and they don’t have to face up to the mediocrity of their own existence. Here is just a cross section of the arguments


1) “the FBI knew in advance and let it happen”- the FBI, CIA get thousands of shreds of information everyday, it is physically impossible to check all threads

2) “stand down order for the air force”- no there wasn’t, full stop, end of story, end of argument etc

3) “the air force could’ve been scrambled and brought them down like they did in less than 20 minutes with Payne Stewart in 1999″- the hijacked planes had their transponders switched off and were virtually untraceable, think of looking for a specific needle in a haystack made of needles. Due to crossing time zones, Stewart’s plane was found in 1 hour and 20 minutes, NOT 20 minutes.

4) “building 7 was blown up, one of the firemen claimed he heard explosions”- how did they have the time to plant enough explosives to bring down the building unnoticed by anyone? if they were noticed at the time why weren’t they stopped? WHY WOULD THEY PUT EVIDENCE OF THE ATTACKS IN WRITING OR SOME OTHER FORM OF RECORD NEXT TO THE TARGET? WHO PLANNED THIS CONSPIRACY? DR EVIL? building 7, like the other towers was filled with combustibles and huge air pockets coupled with long standing fires and 42000 gallons of diesel fuel they used to run the back up generators in the building and severe exterior damage no bombs no explosions necessary, whilst the fireman in question merely pointed out that the sounds were like not that they were explosives and has subsequently stopped giving interviews thanks to the theorists misrepresenting him

5) “it was a missile not a plane that hit the Pentagon”- so what they are saying is that for the benefit of airport cctv they got a load of people to book a flight, queue, board then take them off, kill them, drag their bodies to the crash site, burn them beyond recognition, steal their mobile phones, text their loved ones and arrange all the funerals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all this just to invade Iraq for oil, surely there has to be an easier way, fake an attack on the American embassy perhaps? Motive is where it all unravels, because every motive quoted relies on an incredibly convoluted way to get end results that could be easily achieved in other ways. For me the most sinister aspect is that people will readily accuse the innocent of crimes without a moments thought or a shred of evidence and people such as Alex Jones and his Info-wars site pedal this rubbish, exploiting the idiocy of sectors of American society for fame and money. who is the most evil or cowardly in this scenario? for me it is the conspiracy theorists and their disciples, as Brutus observes in Shakespeare`s Julius Caesar

O conspiracy,
Shamest thou to show thy dangerous brow by night
When evils are most free? O, then by day
Where wilt thou find a cavern dark enough
To mask thy monstrous visage? Seek none, conspiracy.
Hide it in smiles and affability.

With thanks to the guys at Popular Mechanics and their fantastic book Debunking 9/11 Myths


  1. I love this article. It always irritates me how people believe conspiracy theories such as JFK and it becomes common knowledge.

  2. Thanks for stopping by earlier. The whos whats and whys of mis-information agents like Alex Jones do not interest me. Take a look at the following when you have a sec. Draw whatever conclusions you will. Unlike the Hearst Publishing Company, I have no subscriber base to satisfy. Some functional chemistry may be required.




    1. For me the conspiracy falls apart when you consider motive, before you even look at anything else, there is nothing to gain that cant be achieved in less convoluted ways and too many people would have to be involved for it to succeed

      1. I completely understand your objections and I think they’re very valid. I just wanted to present a counter-argument. The Patriot Act is the motive in my reality tunnel. Americans have not realized it yet but the Constitution has been gutted. What are the ramifications of this? I sure as hell don’t know.and only time will tell. But infinite detention with a complete negation of habeas corpus is now the law. Americans would NEVER have agreed to this absent a major galvanizing event. Something large and public enough to create a real perception of impending harm.

        Anyways my good man, glad to make your acquaintance. You’ve certainly crafted an interesting bit of cyber real-estate.

      2. its a fascinating piece of legislation (looking from the outside in as it were) with regards to its legal potentials, glad to meet you too, sure we`ll meet again🙂

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