Day: August 1, 2013

Absolutism: The American Obsession

ab·so·lut·ism- Noun
The acceptance of or belief in absolute principles in political, philosophical, ethical, or theological matters

Absolute power corrupts absolutely- John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902)

For a country that threw off the yoke of absolutism, absolutism has become the American obsession (by American i mean the country USA not the whole continent, though if you ask some Americans they may not see the difference). If you go onto a social media website such as Facebook you will find on many pages arguments between Americans and the rest of the World. American arguments are usually trundling behemoths of absolutist nonsense, the sort of you don’t like one aspect of our life then you must hate it all type of arguments.

This adaptability of other cultures is seen as liberal/libtard weakness. In my own case i love the NFL (especially the New York Giants) but hate American gun culture. By the American argumentative rationale i am an American hater because i oppose at least one of their views. This usually descends into pointless xenophobia, you limey bastard, fuck you redcoat etc Of course what the these people don’t see is that by their own rationale alongside their Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson pictures one assumes they must have a Charles Manson or Timothy Mcveigh poster too. These lads are after all from America and by their own definition if you fail to like all things American then you are a hater of the USA.

The obsession continues into their own view of European politics especially Communism and Nazism. Almost invariably Americans losing arguments will invoke the Nazi arguments, claiming they saved the world from speaking German, we`re just like Hitler because we oppose them, Obama is Hitler, Socialist care= t-4 Euthanasia programme blah blah blah (also see Godwins Law).


Lets just get one thing clear not only are  the Hitlerian comparisons with Obama invalid and incomparable, the USA did not save the world from Nazism, speaking German or goose-stepping. They came over to Europe to clear up the mess they helped to create. America invested heavily in trade union busting Nazi Germany thus ably assisting the funding of the rearmament programme and supported and encouraged the appeasement policy to protect these investments. Hitler was after all Time magazines man of the year 1938!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These inabilities to see other sides of the argument aren’t strengths but an ignorance born of lack of education and an absolute obsession with the television culture. In particular the Hitler Channel, sorry i meant to say the History Channel, these sorts of channels perpetuate myths under the guise of education whilst using suggestive language to imply that their opinions are facts whilst leaving themselves a get out clause through their ambiguous use of terminology thus giving themselves a sham of legality. This in turn leads to the reiteration of lies as truths rendering the user isolated in arguments when the facts come out, they are left with nowhere to turn, either they admit they are wrong and that their nation has let them down educationally speaking (and by force of progression become anti american) or they ignore the facts and resort to xenophobic nonsense born from a distorted view of history that is perpetuated by their own country. As a consequence of this scenario the cycle will never be broken and will continue incessantly, absolutely.