The conspiracy theorists conspiracy against me

Call me a paranoid delusional fantasist if you will (actually that was a rhetorical statement not a literal invite) but somewhat ironically i feel like conspiracy theorists are conspiring against me. They are everywhere with their Dan Brown Da Vinci Code inspired drivel. Every theory they put forward never stands up to scrutiny. These people have a vote and informed judgements they are supposed to be making are being influenced by lies and a wanton disregard for evidence, distortions and narrow emphasis at best. is it attention seeking for money in the Alex Jones Info Wars mould? is it the genuine need to have fantastic events explained by fantastical explanations?

They accuse others of being sheeple, just doing what we are told by the government whilst failing to see the irony that they just reiterate other peoples opinions themselves and that if the government did control so much media how come we could have the conversation in the first place


Conspiracist: The Moon Landings were faked!

Normal person: so why didn’t the Russians propagandise to that effect? they didn’t know! what your saying is you found out that which the KGB failed to do and you`re still alive?


The illuminati/new world order so secretive with its fingers in every pie is more well known than most sports stars and boy bands, if they did control the flow of information then they must be pretty inept. Judging by the state of the world today they really have messed up a tad! they arent particularly good at being a new world order unless of course being shite is just a cunning double bluff so you dont know they are using their insidious perfidious influence upon the world, oh hang on conspiracy theorists know they exist. must be just that they are shite

all seeing eye

David Icke and his lizards rule the world theory, do i really need to attempt to correct this one?

Conspiracists: 9/11 was governmentally planned to start a war with iraq for oil.

Normal Person: why not just blow up an obsolete tank on the border and claim Saddam Hussein did it and invade? or fake an attack on a USA embassy and blame Iraq? Why go to the trouble of killing thousands of innocents in the towers and on the planes? they werent planes they were missiles. What about the texts and phone calls from loved ones on the planes and their funerals? they were staged etc etc etc

Thats how the conversations go, but there is a serious side to this, whilst science snobbishly refuses to engage with these idiots, the no mans land between the two factions is being seized upon by the likes of Alex Jones to do with as they wish. Sadly the internet has become a breeding ground for such nonsense where opinions are presented as facts without contradiction, films (ie works of fiction) such as JFK are taken as truth.

Its time these paranoid delusional attention seeking fantasists were stopped by the scientific community before there is an epidemic of conspiracy theorists, i`m beginning to sound like one, maybe they have been using chemtrails to pollute the air with a susceptibility serum that can make me easily manipulated and paranoid ………


    1. Operation Northwoods.


      Operation century.

      ‘Squidgygate revisited.’

      Actual conspiracies are quite interesting. Conspiracy theories, not so much…

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